FX Eyelash extensions

Maintenance Procedure

If the lashes have make-up on clean the eye area with Ultimate Eye Make-up Remover, and rinse off with warm water. If the client appears not to have any make up on, the eye area must still be cleansed to ensure the lashes are completely clean.

  • Apply eye gel pads over lower lashes.
  • Tease out the remaining lashes, and remove any loose lashes.
  • Using a micro band sponge applicator apply the pre treatment to the lashes that require an extension.
  • Dry using the air blower.
  • Apply lashes in the normal way to fill in any gaps and return the appearance back to their original fullness. • When maintaining do not divide up the lashes before application. Maintenance Advice
  • Regular maintenance visits will increase the wear time of your client’s lashes. • Visits are recommended every 10-14 days.
  • Stray lashes can be tamed with our Ultimate Black Mascara or the Ultimate Finishing Glaze.
  • Make up should be removed with an oil free remover – we recommend our Ultimate Eye Make-Up Remover.
  • Cotton wool should not be used around the eye. • If the eye lid shows signs of puffiness without irritation then check lashes are not touching the lid, or are too near the lid line before making the decision to remove.
  • Clients wearing heavy make-up may need a more regular maintenance program.
  • It is possible to remove individual lashes without disturbing the other lashes.
  • Each individual Lash FX eyelash extension has been adhered directly onto your clients own natural lash, avoiding the skin on the lid.
  • Lashes naturally fall as the normal cycle of hair growth, when your lash falls if a Lash FX is attached to it that will fall. This is normal.
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